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Built to be purchased by grade, each kit contains 180 expertly written mini lessons that are 20 minutes in length and can be delivered using smart board technology or in a traditional manner.

Sonday System Essentials was designed to eliminate the need for extensive teacher training or teacher lesson preparation time, so that teachers can focus more on teaching.

Through weekly mastery checks, the product quickly identifies students who need more intensive
Orton-Gillingham intervention provided through Sonday System Intervention programs.

Sonday System Essentials is designed to be purchased by grade level and is not consumable.

Teach Orton-Gillingham to the whole class.

Sonday System Essentials is the simplest way to bring proven multisensory phonics instruction to kindergarten through 5th grade general education classrooms and distance learning settings. It helps instructors quickly identify those students who could benefit from reading intervention.

  • Whole-group core reading instruction
Content Level
  • Kindergarten through 5th grade
Group Size
  • Whole group
Lesson Duration
  • 20-minute sessions
  • Daily
Skills and Concepts Taught
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Blending
  • Segmenting
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing

Each Grade Level Kit Includes:

Learning Plan Book 
Contains easy-to-follow daily lesson plans that can be used in conjunction with any core program, plus weekly spelling assessments to identify students who are falling behind. 

Media Kit 
Digital copies of all student materials needed to implement lessons. Files can be displayed on any system or printed. 

  • Sound Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Word Lists
  • Teacher Resources

Sonday System Essentials Online Only

Includes the Classroom Instruction Kit and Classroom Station plus access from anywhere with our online teacher resource dashboard for delivery via distance learning or in a classroom setting.

Product SKU Price Qty
Sonday System EK Kindergarten Digital 740-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E1 Digital 741-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E2 Digital 742-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E3 Digital 743-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E4 Digital 744-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E5 Digital 745-1600 $595.00
Sonday System Essentials Classroom Only

Sonday System Essentials Classroom Only

Includes the Classroom Instruction Kit and Classroom Station.

Product SKU Price Qty
Sonday System EK Kindergarten Classroom 710-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E1 Classroom 711-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E2 Classroom 712-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E3 Classroom 713-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E4 Classroom 714-1600 $595.00
Sonday System E5 Classroom 715-1600 $595.00