Winsor Learning is now part of Imagine Learning.

Winsor Learning provides schools and districts with expert training that supports the use of the Sonday System line of products.

Featured Learning Services

Initial Training Services

Our experts visit school sites and deliver installation training designed for rapid capacity-building.

Ongoing Services

Our experts visit schools and deliver ongoing support and coaching designed to improve outcomes.

User Assessment

A self-assessment tool that helps Sonday System 1 users gauge their fidelity of implementation and provides tips for improvement.

Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions and forum to ask specific implementation questions. Questions are answered by the author!

Support Model

Learn more about how we support educators to improve student achievement.

How to Order

Learn how to contact Winsor Learning and order our products.


Onsite Services

Sonday System Installation
One- and two-day training sessions are available. Trainings are an introduction to Multisensory Teaching Methodology and a detailed look at the implementation of the Sonday System Reading Intervention Program. These trainings offer hands-on use of the materials and practical strategies to use with struggling students. Focus is on Sonday System instructional materials, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Coaching
In an instructional setting, up to five Sonday System instructors per day receive 1:1 coaching to promote fidelity to and sustainability of the Sonday System. Sessions include our Winsor Learning consultant working directly with the instructors' students while instructors observe and vice versa.

Group Coaching Workshops
Workshops center on the instructors' experience using the Sonday System. The Winsor consultant and instructors will share their experiences and lessons learned while focusing on promoting fidelity to the Sonday System. Question and answer time will complement the discussion as the group explores best practices. If you are interested in scheduling professional development for yourself or your teachers, please contact us. We are also available to answer any questions about our services or materials.

Open Enrollment Trainings
These one-day trainings are by invitation only and provide a hands-on look at the implementation of the Sonday System and practical strategies to use with struggling students. The fee is $375 per person.

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