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Let’s Play Learn offers structured, systematic, multisensory practice for students in preschool through kindergarten. It is used as a tool to develop foundational reading skills and prevent reading difficulties or as an intervention for those who need to strengthen pre-reading skills. Each lesson plan uses proven Orton-Gillingham methods to provide effective intervention in whole-class and small-group settings.

  • Pre-reading and early reading instruction
  • Pre-reading intervention
  • Dyslexia instruction
  • Special education
  • English Language Learners
  • Response to Intervention Models
Content Level
  • Preschool through kindergarten reading level
Group Size
  • Whole group
  • Small group
Lesson Duration
  • Varies
  • 5 days per week
Skills and Concepts Taught
  • Pre-reading and pre-numeracy
  • Shapes and colors
  • Numbering and counting
  • Alphabet / letter names and sounds
  • Letter formation
Instructor Kit

This kit includes complete multisensory lesson plans and printable activity books as well as extra materials for a classroom aide to work with students in a small group station.

  • 2 Learning Plan Books (112 levels)
  • Media Kit (printable activity books, music files, pronunciation guide)
  • Rapid Naming Poster Set
  • 2 Sound Card Decks
  • Alphabet Book
  • Shapes and Numbers Book
  • Name Strings Book
  • Color Cards
  • Letter and Number Card Decks
  • Shape Cutout Sheets
  • Tactile Card Decks
  • 2 Alphabet Strips (uppercase and lowercase)
  • 2 Number Strips
Manipulatives Set

This countertop unit contains 6 tubs of multisensory manipulatives.

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Shape Cutouts
  • Sound and Rhyme Basket
  • Shape Sorter

Each level begins with whole group instruction time which reviews previous taught material. Included in each level are teacher workstations and student workstations. New material is always introduced in the teacher workstation while in the student workstation independent practice or lightly supported activities of already introduced material is mastered.

Sonday Systems LPL Group SKU: 110-1600

Let's Play Learn Classroom Set

Includes Instructor Kit and Manipulatives Set

Price: $1,095.00
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Sonday System LPL Components

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Learning Plan Book

Contains structured, sequential lesson plans for 112 reading levels. Designed to be flexible yet comprehensive for small-group or classroom settings.

130-3000 $295.00 Add To Cart
LPL Media Kit

Media Kit

A flash drive containing printable Activity Books 1-4, 14 songs to practice various components of language, a read-along segment to coordinate with the Alphabet Book and audio pronunciations that help the students learn accurate pronunciation of phonemes (sounds) of the alphabet.

130-5500 $299.00 Add To Cart
Rapid Naming Poster Set

Rapid Naming Poster Set

Provide opportunity to practice Rapid Automatic Naming with colors, shapes, letters/sounds, numbers and chunking. Includes 35 posters (17 double-sided, 1 single-sided), 17" x 22".

130-6300 $69.00 Add To Cart
Sound Card Deck LPL

Sound Card Deck

26 cards represent the letters and sounds of the alphabet for building automaticity and fluency.

130-4200 $15.00 Add To Cart

Alphabet Book

Colorful illustrations featuring letter alliterations for practicing phonological awareness.

130-3200 $85.00 Add To Cart

Shapes and Numbers Book

Includes colorful illustrations that introduce beginning shapes and numbers 1-10 for reinforcing skills such as sorting, sequencing and pattern recognition.

130-3210 $69.00 Add To Cart

Name Strings Book

Allows practice of Rapid Automatic Naming with colors, shapes, letters/sounds, numbers and chunking.

130-3215 $33.00 Add To Cart
Color Cards

Color Cards

Includes 4 sheets that feature objects in 8 colors to practice color recognition.

130-6375 $16.00 Add To Cart
Letters and Numbers Card Decks both

Letter and Number Card Decks

Decks featuring uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers 1-50. Used to play memory games, Go Fish and sorting games.

Description SKU Price Qty
Complete Set (2 decks each for uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers) 120-4000 $65.00 Add To Cart
Number Cards (2 decks) 130-4520 $23.00 Add To Cart
Uppercase Letter Cards (2 decks) 130-4500 $21.00 Add To Cart
Lowercase Letter Cards (2 decks) 130-4510 $21.00 Add To Cart
Shape Cutout Sheets

Shape Cutout Sheets

Includes 16 sheets of colored shapes used to practice colors, shapes and size recognition.

130-6400 $33.00 Add To Cart
Tactile Card Decks

Tactile Card Decks

Decks featuring uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. Numbered starting points for each stroke and a raised ridge provide tactile reinforcement for learning letter shapes and names/sounds and number shapes/names.

Description SKU Price Qty
Complete Set (1 deck each for uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers) 120-4600 $69.00 Add To Cart
Letter Tactile Cards (1 deck each for uppercase letters and lowercase letters) 520-4650 $50.00 Add To Cart
Number Tactile Cards (1 deck) 130-4675 $22.00 Add To Cart
Alphabet Strips

Alphabet Strips

Uppercase and lowercase laminated letter strips teach form and sequence.

520-6100 $14.00 Add To Cart
Number Strip

Number Strips

Laminated strips with numbers 1-10 and 1-20 teach number recognition.

120-6125 $14.00 Add To Cart
Manipulative Sets LPL

Manipulatives Set

Provides multisensory practice for skills such as letter, number, shape, color and size recognition, letter sounds, counting, sorting and rhyming. The countertop storage unit contains 6 tubs with:

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Shape Cutouts (7 shapes in 3 sizes and 8 colors each)
  • Sound and Rhyme Basket
  • Shape Sorter

120-2000 $199.00 Add To Cart