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Paula. Amery, WI
Paula. Amery, WI
Posted 1130 days ago

"Great Workshop - I learned a lot. You really inspired me!"
~Paula. Amery, WI

Lisa. Bronx, NY
Lisa. Bronx, NY
Posted 1130 days ago

"Excellent hands-on presentation. Our kids need this!! Great job! I’m psyched!" ~Lisa. Bronx, NY

Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional, Brooklyn, NY
Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional, Brooklyn, NY
Posted 1130 days ago

"The best workshop I have ever attended and I have been to them all. Your trainers are the best." ~Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional.

Debora Dawson, Special Ed. Supervisor K-12, IU4
Debora Dawson, Special Ed. Supervisor K-12, IU4
Posted 1130 days ago

"Thanks for a wonderful two days of training! It was invigorating to learn from such high energy and dynamic people." ~Debora Dawson, Special Ed.


Winsor Learning Consulting Services

Schools have invested time and money implementing a multitude of programs aimed at student literacy. They have gathered data on each student and grouped them by achievement, but now what? Winsor Learning experts consult with educators on how to analyze the data from assessments to inform instructional decisions and how to align programs so that instruction meets the needs of each student.

Our consulting services support the Response to Intervention (RTI) process at the following levels:

District Level: Our consultants gather information about current programs within the District, than assist administrators with creating and communicating an RTI plan with all stakeholders and setting attainable goals for the year.

School Level: Our services focus on implementation, replication and supervision of RTI at the school level.  We are involved in coordinating resources and managing logistics for a measurable outcome.

Teacher Level: Our consultants provide coaching sessions both one-on-one and small group with classroom teachers, tutors and literacy coaches to assist with translating RTI research into practice that can be used in the classroom.

Program effectiveness improves when district leaders and administrators vocally commit to improvement of reading instruction, promote the use of science-based reading research practices, set appropriate goals, and provide the resources necessary to ensure that students make adequate progress.  Winsor Learning experts assist administrators communicate and implement these objectives in their schools.  One effective way to do so is to schedule workshops for schools and districts.

Analysis Workshops

Assessment Design: Understanding assessments and their use is critical to data driven reform.  We can help analyze your assessment needs and make recommendations that meet the goals of your literacy plan.

Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) Training: Winsor Learning offers training in the most popular CBM data management systems.  In this workshop our experts show instructors:  1) how to use these tools for proper screening, benchmarking and progress monitoring; 2) how to administer CBM’s to get reliable data; 3) how to effectively administer tests to students.

Managing the Assessment Process: Our consultants help clients use their Curriculum-Based Measurement tools effectively so data is accurate and helps drive instruction.   This workshop informs administrators and literacy coaches how to plan for the assessment process, from determining the assessment model and scheduling to choosing assessment management systems and summarizing reports.

Screening Data Analysis: Our clients rely on Winsor Learning experts to enter student data, create necessary reports, analyze data, and provide student grouping advice that leads to better instructional decisions.  This workshop helps instructors analyze screening data, group students by skill set, and design instructional plans to meet student needs.

Planning Workshops

Intervention Design: Setting goals for the literacy program, using the data to identify which students to serve and allocating resources for implementation.  Subjects include:  how to use personnel, time, curriculum and assessments to meet the needs of your students.  These workshops are designed for literacy coaches and administration.

Communicating the Plan: Student success depends upon clear communication of the plan to all stakeholders.  Winsor consultants will share insight into how data is informing and guiding student instruction, and how the intervention plan will respond to student needs, and then create a concise presentation to inform all users.

Evaluation Workshops

Grade Level Meetings: Winsor Learning experts facilitate meetings between classroom teachers, tutors and literacy coaches with data on the table to interpret student mid-year data and make decisions about re-grouping and intervention instruction.

Tutor Observation: Along with the site literacy coach, Winsor Learning experts observe intervention instruction and provide reports of program fidelity.

District Wide Evaluation: Our experts help all stakeholders gather to determine intervention program efficacy and set goals for the following school year.

The Student Success Model

Winsor Learning consulting services supports the standard training module established at most districts or schools. To learn more about The Winsor Learning Student Success Model.  Click Here to Download: Using Data to Drive Instructional Decisions: A Four Step Student Success Model (PDF).

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