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Paula. Amery, WI
Paula. Amery, WI
Posted 1134 days ago

"Great Workshop - I learned a lot. You really inspired me!"
~Paula. Amery, WI

Lisa. Bronx, NY
Lisa. Bronx, NY
Posted 1134 days ago

"Excellent hands-on presentation. Our kids need this!! Great job! I’m psyched!" ~Lisa. Bronx, NY

Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional, Brooklyn, NY
Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional, Brooklyn, NY
Posted 1134 days ago

"The best workshop I have ever attended and I have been to them all. Your trainers are the best." ~Emily, Special Education Paraprofessional.

Debora Dawson, Special Ed. Supervisor K-12, IU4
Debora Dawson, Special Ed. Supervisor K-12, IU4
Posted 1134 days ago

"Thanks for a wonderful two days of training! It was invigorating to learn from such high energy and dynamic people." ~Debora Dawson, Special Ed.



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Here you’ll find some of the many positive responses we’ve received over the Sonday System from our satisfied customers.

Catherine Angle
Advocate for Improved Reading Teaching

I have worked as a volunteer with first and second grade children who were hardly competent orally. After an introduction to oral language, they were able to gain literacy skills with this sort of teaching. It is surefire.

Michele Berg. Ph.D.
Director, Menninger Clinic. Topeka, KS

Only a master teacher could design such a system that would allow even a relatively untrained adult to competently teach essential phonological skills to struggling readers. Instructors who conscientiously attend to the video and the learning plan book should have no difficulty attaining success with their learners. The Sonday System® can also serve as an excellent self-instruction system for teachers wanting training in multisensory phonics but unable to obtain instruction through other avenues.

Joan Stoner Ed.D.
Adjunct Instructor
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Some of the approaches that are used with this particular set of materials have been in use for probably 70 years….things like that don’t stick around for that many years if they are not effective.

Dana Blackhurst, Headmaster
Camperdown Academy
Greenville, SC

This is like getting a little water in an oasis. It can really help a child. After going through it, we had three of our top teachers look through the program, everyone came to the conclusion it can help anyone.

Cathy Duffy Grove Publishing

Master Teacher, Arlene Sonday, created this program. It is much simpler to teach than many others. It requires no special training. It easily covers the main concepts of phonics. Many children will not need a more formal program beyond this. The program is nicely packaged and presented. It makes reading instruction easy for homeschooling moms, and also works in remedial situations.

Mariaemma Pellulo-Willis, Learning-Success™ Coach, co-author of Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.
Coaching for Learning-Success

The Sonday System is one of only 3 reading programs that I recommend. It is excellent for beginning readers of all learning styles, especially those students who are visual-picture and/or tactile-kinesthetic learners. Its step-by-step format is easy for parents to follow. Arlene Sonday understands how people learn to read!

Cynthia Richardson
School Principal
Lincoln, NE

I personally feel that this approach is one of the best approaches to reading that has been invented. I feel we need to incorporate it as much as possible into every program that we have in the schools.

Carol Le Feber
Special Ed Teacher

Parents can use it and professional teachers can use this program and Arlene’s methods. It’s very easy to learn and it’s very easy to use…

Joseph Higgins
School Psychologist

I must admit I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, but as I worked with the students, it made a difference. They were able to identify the letter and the sound and were able to go forward. It really is quite amazing.

Diana Hanbury King  Founder, Kildonen School
Amenia, NY

At last! A beginning phonics program that will work and that parents can invest in with confidence. The Sonday System® is carefully sequenced and beautifully packaged. The video tape provides a clear guide to the system. Suggestions for pre-school work are included. Flexibility is built-in, as is a careful system of review and reinforcement. In areas of the country where training is unavailable, the Sonday System® would enable a teacher to get started.

Phyllis Meisel  Learning Disabilities Center, MA General Hospital
Scottish Rite Children’s Learning Centers

Arlene is a nationally known reading expert with years of experience. She has taught children and adults to read and spell, and instructed teachers and tutors on how to use her methods with their students. It’s exciting to see this powerful and simple method finally here for everyone to use.

Kate Michelson, Parent
Marketing Director, Richard Ivey School of Business
Hong Kong

I want to give you extremely positive feedback on the Sonday System®. I have to tell you it has been amazing. Every day our son is getting more confident in language and reading. His primary aide found it very easy to use and it overcame any organizational obstacles. Now he has a reading tutor who is equally impressed.

Becky Rupp Ph.D.
Author of “The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook”

The Sonday System is nice. The materials are attractive and sturdy…thorough and well designed. Young learners employ seeing, hearing and touch to reinforce new concepts. It looks like a real timesaver. If you’re in the market for a phonics program, this one looks good.

Stephanie Wagner
Taylor Falls, MN

Our sons were having problems with spelling. We tutored them with the Sonday System. The Sonday System has helped them both through their frustrations. They both can spell almost any word, having learned using the Sonday System method. This means when you can spell, you can read! The Sonday System really works. They are both doing very well in school. It is great having something that really works. Thanks!

Christy McDonnell
Parent of Sonday System® user

I firmly believe if John hadn’t done this he could possibly have been a High School drop-out or not gone to College. John will come home so excited….because he’s getting it. For that child to come home and tell you their experiences at school of learning and having it be fun is wonderful.

Maureen Johnson M.A.
Title I Teacher
Carver Elementary School
Woodbury, MN

I’ve been teaching reading for years but I’ve never taught anything like this and haven’t seen progress like these kids have made in such a short time.

I wish I had it last year.

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