Created by John A. Caliso, Ph.D., SIBS (Student Inventory for Behavior Support) helps educators make objective, data-driven intervention decisions for students challenged by academic, emotional and behavioral issues.

SIBS is an online system designed to help educators collect and analyze data to determine the level of support a student requires in both general and special education settings. Facilitated through a secure online resource center, SIBS simplifies the decision making process by producing simple, one-button reports that describe a student’s behavior. Embedded in the framework is common language for educators, parents and advocates to use in the discussion of student behavior. The system also provides behavior intervention recommendations based on a continuum from customary to intense. This powerful, robust tool helps school personnel make confident student support decisions.

Step 1. Observe Student

Trained observers describe and record student behaviors. These direct, objective observations encompass interactions with multiple people in multiple settings.

1. Observe Student

Step 2. Convert Observations to Data

Positive and negative behaviors are converted to clear, simple data points that create a visual summary of the observation period and can easily be shared with stakeholders.

Step 3. Analyze Data

Summative tables and bar graphs help administrators, staff and parents understand the needs of the child and determine if action needs to be taken.

Step 4. Create Action Plan

An action plan is created based on the gathered data and unique needs of the student. Objective analysis enhances the ability to recommend placement, program design and build meaningful data-driven intervention plans.

The Online Resource Center facilitates the SIBS process by providing a secure, subscription-based storage area for observations and any other critical case documents. The online interface helps observation teams capture and score observation narratives, then generate reports that can be shared with all stakeholders.

Document Library

Includes all handouts and training documents needed to facilitate the SIBS process. Access to research and additional behavior support consulting is also available.

SIBS Cases

Provides secure storage for observations and other case-critical documents. Simple data entry interfaces help teams enter narratives and critical observation data. One-button reports help the observation team member create graphical representation of the observation and summarize data gathered.

User Manuals

Provides guidelines and advice on how to implement SIBS tools, as well as checklists and prepared training presentations that help facilitate the process. Observation team members receive step-by-step instructions on how to conduct an observation and produce objective, useful data reports that are easily interpreted by peers, leaders and advocates.

Case Illustrations

Features real cases that illustrate how the program has been used to implement the methodology, leading to data-driven decisions that result in positive outcomes for students. Also demonstrates resource allocation so budgets can be controlled while preserving support for students.

All of the above tools are available through our secure Online Resource Center and are compatible with any device or platform.