Dyslexia Law Solutions: Quickly Building Capacity.

As the needs of students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities continue to gain attention, legislative leaders across the country are taking action. But as more and more states pass dyslexia laws, special education directors all across the country are facing a common challenge: How to quickly build a trained workforce capable of delivering a specialized Orton Gillingham curriculum, given the very real limitations of time and money. Read More


Finding the Right Resources

The Orton-Gillingham method has been around since the 1930s, and has always been known as a highly effective instructional approach for students struggling with Dyslexia and other reading challenges. But it can be difficult to implement. Read More

Tom Guyer, President of Winsor Learning

Sonday System used by Middle School to get off the Underperforming list

Before using Sonday System in the 2006-2007 school year, only 33% of the lowest performing students met their reading targets, and after implementing Sonday in the 2007-2008 school year that number increased to 54%. Read More


How Winsor Learning was Founded

We formed our educational company, Winsor Learning, with the intention of designing an educational product line that would help struggling readers get back on track. It all started with a remarkable woman who had a clear goal. Read More

Reyn Guyer

20 Years of Sonday System: An Orton Gillingham Method

A few years in, Arlene approached my father with an idea. She said she had been teaching Orton-Gillingham for 20 years while his kids grew up. She had built a nice practice working with a small group of students in a number of schools in St. Paul. While she was doing pretty well with her consulting practice, she would often be approached by leadership at the schools with a dilemma. Read More

Tom Guyer

Dr. Frenette Eide, Co-Author of The Dyslexic Advantage Interviews Tom Guyer for their Newsletter

Dr. Eide was great to talk to. The message being sent by The Dyslexic Advantage book and accompanying website is very cool. Their findings, based on brain science, support the idea that while dyslexic individuals may have difficulty with learning reading, this difficulty comes with advantages in how we think and solve problems. I was humbled to be singled out for a talk with Dr. Eide. Read More


The Sonday System: From a Struggling Student to a Graduate from College

Kelly Benitez has a unique perspective on the Sonday System. The program changed her life — first as a student, then as a tutor — giving her skills and confidence that eventually led her to pursue a graduate degree from Mount St. Mary’s University in California. Read More


Arlene Sonday Helps FDU Build One the Nation’s Oldest Dyslexia Specialist Training Courses

We are proud to call Arlene Sonday our author and content partner. She has been advocating and promoting the use of Orton-Gillingham strategies for her entire career. One of her most rewarding projects is her work with Dr. Mary Farrell and her staff at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). Read More


Sonday System and Orton-Gillingham Lessons: Helping Kids Break the Code in Reading

When Jennifer Needham’s first-grade son was having trouble reading, she was surprised to find her master’s in education didn’t adequately prepare her for the challenge. Not a good feeling. Read More


Orton-Gillingham and The Sonday Legacy

I was a struggling student. My parents found a remarkable Orton-Gillingham teacher who understood how to teach me. That teacher, Arlene Sonday, worked with me to improve my decoding and reading skills. I became a successful student and ultimately graduated with honors from college. Read More

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